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ImageDescription of the product (click to view details)Model
Spiral wound gasket without inner and outer ringsSpiral wound gasket without inner and outer rings
1.Basic construction, inner and outer diameters are reinforced with several piles of metal without filler to give greater stability and better compression characteristics. Suitable for tongue and groo...

Spiral wound gasket with inner ringSpiral wound gasket with inner ring
1.SW6000-RIR, hovered and wound, spot welded beginning and end terminal by V-shaped and W-shaped stainless steel and non metal filler. The materials of inner ring is as the same as the strips.

Spiral wound gasket with outer ringSpiral wound gasket with outer ring
1.The style CG spiral wound gasket for flat and raised face diameter flanges.Utilizes an external ring with accurately centers gasket on flange face; provides additional radial strength to prevent gas...

Spiral wound gasket with inner and outer ringsSpiral wound gasket with inner and outer rings
1.The style CGI spiral wound gasket with inner and outer ring of solid metal for high pressure and temperature applications.Prevents damage to the gaskets bore and inner winding, acts as a heat and co...

Spiral wound gasket used for heat exchangerSpiral wound gasket used for heat exchanger
1.SW6000-H spiral wound gasket where pass bars required. The outer portion is of standard spiral wound construction, the rib partition is normally of single or double jacketed style.
2.Prevents damag...

Spiral wound gasket in special stylesSpiral wound gasket in special styles
To suit for special flanges and request. We manufacture and provide various of special style SWG gaskets...

Double Jacketed gasketsDouble Jacketed gaskets
1.Metal clad gasket is composite gasket with internal nonmetal materials, such as flexible graphite, PTFE, Asb, Non-asb, Ceramic fiber which is clad by special metal sheet in cold work.
2.Normally us...

Stamping double jacketed gasketStamping double jacketed gasket
1.Stamping double jacketed gasket is made of whole machined flat metallic plate with waved or corrugated surface. Without welding.
2.Filled with flexible graphite, PTFE, Ceramic, ASB, Non-asb. etc.

Corrugated Double Jacketed gasketCorrugated Double Jacketed gasket
1.Corrugated double jacketed gasket is made of machined flat metallic plate with waved or corrugated surface.After finished jacketed, pressure by molds make the surface flat to corrugated.attached wit...

Pure graphite gasketPure graphite gasket
1.Pure graphite gasket is made of pure graphite sheet, without reinforced metal inside.
2.Compressibility: 30%
Recovery: >10%
Pressure: 40bar
Density 0.7/1.0g/cm3
Temperature: -240~550 oC
PH: 0~...

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